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Blue Fish

Presentation:  Tongs & Marbles

A mommy friend passed on this idea via another inspiring blog:   My Montessori Journey...  Rock on, my Montessori mommies!
This has been worked on DAILY of  Zozie's own choosing since the introduction a few weeks ago, thanks N!

The Goal:
Strengthen pincher & grip skills using tongs to grab a slippery marble.
Build hand-eye coordination in placing each marble onto the backside of a suction cup toy.

The Set Up:
1)  Tongs
2)  Small bowl
3)  Marbles
4)  Bath toy with suction cup as backing
(we got a Blue Fish)

The Presentation:
1)  Hold & pinch the tongs together several times in the air.
2)  Approach the bowl, grab a single marble
3)  Hoover over the bath toy, hone in on a suction cup, then drop the marble into it.
4)  Repeat until all marbles are placed.
5)  Reverse everything and place all marbles back into the bowl.

We started with a taller ceramic bowl as seen in the above photos...
but that was alittle too tall for Zo to work with.  
Let's say the frustration levels went up when he couldn't really see.  

So, we switch to the clear glass bowl with shorter edges, below.

See Zozie fishing around for his marbles below...
Definitely worth trying this one!

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  1. Love watching Enzo's concentration. . .also how quickly he responds to direction.