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Crime Scene

We all know this...
It's never good when it's "TOO QUIET" in the other room.

I turn the corner looking for him and find THIS.....

Looking closer at the scene of the crime, I note the following clues to piece together this classic mystery puzzle.

Here are the tip-offs:
1)  A small glass of Kefir poured, bottle cap back on.
2)  Small bowl of nuts dispensed in someone's usual snack bowl.
3)  New Chinese kids book pulled out.
4)  Bag of M&M's with several cut marks around the edges.
(This bag was purchased as a new "reward" for night potty training.  One M&M for One dry diaper in the morning.)
5)  Orange scissors (main weapon) used by the perpetrator.
6) A stuffed panda bear named "Pandi" left at the scene.

As we have NOT done many scissor cutting work, 
the chocolates stayed intact, although suffering a number of snips at the perimeter.

The Keifer and nuts...well, that's another story.

After looking high and low, we found him...
It was none other than "Z".
The Dancing Snack Bandit!!!


1 comment:

  1. stumbling upon a crime scene like this is always funny. especially if the mess is kept to a nice minimum. that picture is adorable. sweet Enzo. i like him!(i find his clean-up singing voice to be irresistible)