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Fabric Squares

Preasentation:  Fabric Square Matching

Ahhh...my long lost home tool, the Fabric Squares.
This was one of the first tools I made for Zozie for our home classroom.
Just found it again sorting through our video files.
A typical Montessori tool, it costs quite a few bucks when buying from the catalog but is a cinch to make at home. 

The Goal
Refine tactile sense
Memory exercise
Hand eye coordination

The Set Up
1)  Container (small basket or wooden box)
2)  4x4 Fabric Swatches
3)  Pair of Pinking Shears & Random Fabrics in various natural textures
4)  Cut the fabrics into 4x4 squares, then place in basket; can also hem the fabrics if preferred.

The Presentation
1)  Bring the tray to the work table or mat
2)  Set the basket down and slowly remove the first fabric swatch
3)  Start setting down each fabric in a row until you have 4 squares
4)  Then continue the same until you come across a match
5)  Hover each new swatch over the old swatches in a linear and systematic fashion, doing an exaggerated motion of comparing, rubbing of the texture, shake head if not a match and move on till a match is found
6)  When a match is found, place the fabric swatch over the existing one, then keep going until all swatches are paired up.
7)  Have the child try, when done, place all pieces into container and return tray to shelf

This is the same as a typical memory matching game.  Instead of picture cards, we used just a variety of fabric samples (leftovers from my design library).  A mix of textures is key.  Some were sheers, felt, silk, canvas, spandex, velvet.  The focus was NOT on color variation since I did not want Zozie to complete the exercise by matching colors.  In fact, I chose alot of "beige" color fabrics that had distinct texture differences for him to take note of the more subtle lesson here.  He got progressively better at it within a few days once he got the concept. A quick and fun tool to try.

One of his first attempts at the tool @ 2.5 years old (9months ago).
*I miss the "Tiny Zozo" in the video...they grow so fast..sigh.

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