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Ding, Ding. 
"Breakfast is READY!!!!", he yells from the kitchen.

Another new addition to our home classroom...THE BELL.
Found this little retro gadget at our local Homegoods for 3 bucks.
On many days, this sound wakes us in the morning.
This is when Zo can't wait for his lazy parents to get out of bed to serve him breakfast.  A hungry boy has got to take matters into his own hands.  Mama needs those extra minutes in bed somedays...ahhhhh strreeettchhhhh!!!

My early efforts in building towards his independence in the kitchen is paying off (yippee!).  We have found cereal bowls set up for 3, toast, or eggs cracked in bowls for me to fry, ready on the table when we have answered the bell.

I think he really likes the power of the DING.
Dalee and I jump up like it's the Tardy Bell at school, Geesh.
Talk about rude, but sweet, awakening...

The Breakfast Cereal Set Up:

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  1. how fantastic. this independence stuff keeps getting better and better! way to go Zo!