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Z gallery

A Child's Atelier...

Toddlers love to do art...so there's ALOT of artwork being produced.  
Where to put it all?  
Take a picture, it will last longer.  
You can post it as an online album, or order a photobook later.  
Either way, it's not cluttering up the house.
Snap it, toss it.  SIMPLE.
zoZie's virtual art gallery.

our own

Z gallery

now open.

Featured Works 

"mommy & daddy":  Chalk (01/11)

"Slivers":  Random Cuttings & Glue (11/10)

"Gobble":  Preschool Craft (11/10)

"Ze":  Gouache Black (10/10)

"Itsy":  Craft Paint (10/10) *Teacher placed hands

"Self Portrait ":  Sticks & Pom Poms (9/10)

"Wash":  Watercolor (09/10)
"Glitter":  Glue, glitter, brush (09/10)
"Collage":  Random Cuttings (08.10) *J cut, Z glued.

"Harold & the Purple Crayon" (08.10) *J cut, Z glued.

"Mermaid":  Watercolor (08.10) *M drew the 3 wave lines.

"San":  The 3 Eye Caterpillar  (07.10)

"Rainbow":  Watercolor & Glitter (07.10)

"Crinkled":  Tissue Paper & Glue (07.10)

"37": Birthday Card (07.10)

"Work":  Father's Day (06.10)

"Hands": Crayons (06.10)

"Yellow":  Mother's Day (05/10)

"Fly":  Feathers & Glitter (05.10)

"Foil":  Roller & Popsicle Stick on Paint (04.10)

"Slice, Stab, Smudge": Study in Chalk (04.10)

"Colors": Color Gels (03.10)

"Lines":  Crayons (03.10)

"This":  Acrylics (01.10)

"Moon Cake":  Markers, Crayons, Stamps (08.09)

"Trace":  Crayons (06.09) *J did cut-outs

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