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A flower for me?

It's 6:15am...
"Mama...Enjo is awwwwaaakkkkeeee!!!!!!"

He's enJo.  Sosie.  Soso.  We are still working on his "Z" sound.
And a later wake up time.
So far, both are not successful.

It's a new morning and Zozo is "up and at'em."
He waltzes in to the kitchen, does a double take on the new school set up...
"wwwoooowwwww...., that's niceeeee."
We've been telling him about the new school for him.
He pans around the room, looking at the new tools in each cubby.
Then he spots the Magnolia stem I left for him on the counter.
"A flowah for meeee?" he asks.

Yes, a flower for Zozie.
"It's a new flower for your new school table", I added.

We set about getting the new vase with some glass beads at the bottom, along with some scissors to trim the stem.  We measured the stem to the vase, then snip.
I handed him the flower to arrange.
"Oh... thanks, mama."

He sizes up the vase, looks in at the glass beads, back up and turns to me.

"I be gentle?"  I nod, he proceeds.
His first "Ikebana" arrangement, small, but noteworthy.  Even if only to me.

Adding some water...
My Flower.


  1. Oh so beautiful - Enzo and the spirit of the moment of his success - so evident in his face. What a great experience you facilitated for him. What great love.