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Why Do This?

Ever notice that kids know to hang up coats, put backpacks away, push in desk chairs, play independently, and clean up activities.......AT PRESHOOL?
What about at HOME?
Hey hold up...what's going on here?!?

Like in many of life's awkward situations... "no, no, it's not you."
But in this case... yes, it's probably you.
Rather, it's us.

We tend to live in our homes from our own adult perspective.
At preschool, our children's environments are designed to be used by them.
Furniture is scaled down, bins and shelves have labels, each space has an identity of it's own.
A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

With road markers that clear, it's not hard to know how to drive and where you are going...ON YOUR OWN.
"Can you get colors (markers) for me, mama?" 
"Right there top shelf in the cups, sweet pea".

Cha-Ching!  Didn't have to get up for that one, nice.

It's no surprise that well designed spaces effect people's interface with their world environment.
Having kids puts a new perspective on this...

Mama's little helper

Missed a spot...

All Clean!
To have ownership or stewardship over something is invaluable to a child.
Something to call their own.
Something for them to take care of.
Something that triggers creativity, independence, and engagement...naturally.

Nagging is over-rated.
I'm tired and I'll gladly let the classroom be the teacher sometimes...
Man, I need a back massage.  Can my classroom give me that too?  Darn.

So anyways... Why Do This?
LESS work for you, MORE fun for them.
Get me some of THAT, pronto.


  1. Oh so agreed. How I wish I had learned this way earlier in my life. You go girl. Good for you and so incredibly good for Enzo.

    Love you,
    Mom E. (#1 fan)

  2. I taught Andrew how to do back rubs - so cute. We take turns. I guess it's closer to a tickle when he does it, but I do love the idea that he gives back massages. (His cleaning skills leave something to be desired, but I suppose he *is* learning from me & Chris, and neither of us is Martha Stewart!)

  3. How much does Andrew charge? I actually really need a back massage, or just a good tickle will do too:)