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Z, number 2, is coming in for that slicer on the right...

It's the World Cup for goodness sakes!
We are only really Futbol fans every 4 years, but hey.
We totally got the fever.  And we are using Zozie to fulfill our dreams.

Today is our last soccer day.
Yes, soccer.  They make them in this size, x small.
You put the word "Baby" infront of any sport and us first time mommies are all over it.

It's really just Gymboree with a soccer ball.
More singing time than kicking time.

Found a comfy seat.

But we got him a fancy orange ball anyways...

And we got him the ubber-cute soccer shirt.
Paid a pretty penny for that tiny shirt...AND SO IT BEGINS.

Marc & I call this phenomenon, "The Shamu Factor."
This is when it's so cute to the parents to have their kids ride in a Shamu stroller at Sea World, but the kid could care less after the first 5 mins in the ride.  Yeah, we got the shirt.

Special Treat:  DADDY!

And of course, we do it all for this...
Every child gets a photo certificate of completing the course.
It's stamped and sealed and very official looking.

Beautiful...8 Sessions of some laughing, more crying, and a whole lot of confusion & fun...Ta-Da!



  1. Love it! I can't believe how much Enzo has grown! You are an official soccer mom. The future is bright!

  2. Yes, just need to get my cooler and mini-van and we are set to go!

  3. What balance - what form! Can't wait to see and hug him soon. . .oh, and Mom and Dad too. Love the shirt. . the shirt gets us every time. So cute.

    Big Hug,
    Mom E.