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Le Grande Foyer

What's a FOYER?

Foyer [IPA: fwa'je,ˈfȯi(-ə)r]
An area just inside the main exterior door for the removal of wraps, overshoes, and other exterior apparel.
An anteroom:  an entrance hall of a home or reception area.

Foyers also happens to be the name of a village in the Highland local government council area of Scotland, lying on the east shore of Loch Ness.

Go figure.

I like foyers.
Sometimes called a Vestibule.

This is a gathering place, second in importance to the kitchen, in my opinion.
The transition space of outside vs. inside.
The holding zone.
The receiving line.
The place where you shed the world and relax into your sacred space.
The spot where you gear up and head out smiling at the universe, yet again.

Whatever it's called, I really really love it.
It is one of my favorite anatomical parts of a home.

Back at our place, we have carved out a Foyer for us, and for Zozie.
This has made the transition of leaving and entering our home much smoother...
"Ready to GO, mama!"
His shoes are on, wearing his coat with Elmo bag in tow.

We used the back of a chest to create an entrance divide.
We set up a dedicated shoe rack to display his shoes to select from.
The upper level is for hanging bags & hats. 
A small "shoe stool" is present for Zo to practice putting on his own shoes.
And last, a simple nail in the wall for him to hang his coat, upon entering.

Le Grande Foyer...

It's amazing.
Even when there is NO space, you can always find a place for your Foyer.
That extra breathing room in life.  A small clarity.  So needed.
It's nice to return Home...and KNOW where everything IS...or isn't.

May we all find that calmness in our transitions in life, our own flowing Foyer.
Grande or petite.

1 comment:

  1. Grande Foyer is the Grand Mudroom! Totally Awesome. Move the shoes a little so he can sit on one side. Kudos to Chubs.