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@ the Car Wash

It is a BILLION degrees today.
No joke.

Triple digits is seriously, no joke.

Zozie & I sit down in our Montessori classroom to decide what we will do...
After asking a few "leading" questions, I get no reply.
Just a glazed-over stare.
Sweat beads forming.
It's entirely too hot.
So hot that we can't think anymore...

The obvious task is to SWIM!
No pool...shucks!
No inflatable pool either, double shucks.
And the "pretend pool" is wearing off after 15 mins since the "pretend heat" is still with us, triple SHUCKS!

Ok,...think fast....
What can we do for classwork today...
He loves sponges, wringing sponges, and he loves water, spraying water....

Let's take those practical life skills out for a test run....Brooommmmm!
At the HapaLab Montessori Car Wash!

working out the thumb grip...

got the water pressure...
Now, we're in business!
We saved $30 on 2 car washes AND Zo got to do his work today while cooling off from the heat!

Not captured in the photos?
A MASSIVE screaming, giggling, water fight with hose, sponge, and running toddlers (Zo & his neighbor friend Tirza) everywhere!

Can't beat that goodness.


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  1. What power!! What joy!! Enzo looks so happy. Great way to beat the heat.