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Books for Breakfast!

Ever wonder why...
when you walk down a supermarket isle, your child knows exactly which cereal to ask for?

The answer is simple.
It's a simple matter of product DISPLAY.

These marketing geniuses have got it down to a science.

How to get a child's attention?
Bright colors, large letters, and cute cartoon characters.
And the TOP trade secret?
Turning that cereal box to show off that fancy colorful FRONT side.

That's right.  Front.
Not sideways like library books on the shelves, but Front.

Bigger surface to catch the child's eye, FAST!

Which got me thinking...
If we display our Children's books like they display cereal, the books would be flying off the shelves like the cereals are flying into our shopping carts, no?  The options can be quite simple and inexpensive.

Book Ledge Display
 As Shown in Photo: 10 Minute $10 Book Ledge (Click Here)

Skout's Design Tip:  Instant Book Ledge!
1)  Buy a few linear feet of rain gutter from the local hardware store.
2)  Paint any color you want
3)  Nail/screw directly into wall at Child's eye level.
4)  There you have it!

One of my favorite Blogs, Penny Carnival, gives a Tutorial on making your own fabric "Book Sling."

Penny Carnival:  Book Sling

Canvas Sling Book Dispay
Another option is the canvas sling bookshelf.  Companies that make these display shelves are:  KidKraft, Tot Tutors, and One Step Ahead.  This is a $38 option that offers more book storage as well as accommodate over-size books.

Wall Hanging Book Bin

Wall book bins, or book racks are ideal next to a rocker, in a playroom or between bunk beds.  Perfect for the select bedtime collection that gets rotated out periodically.  Same idea as the book sling.

These new products give the home library that same "Cereal Appeal!"
By using the front display method, a child can see the front cover art, title, author, and some details regarding a storybook much faster than just looking at a slim binding.

As for us, we still have a bunch of Zozie's books displayed the "traditional way" in his room.  But for his homeschool area, we wanted something special for his Chinese books.

So before getting out the hammer, sewing machine, or placing an order online...it's always nice to save some money and re-purpose an unused item at home. We found the perfect display bin for Zo's classroom..an unused wicker laundry basket!

Our Front-Display Chinese Book Basket

Zozie has always loved reading.
Reading before bed, reading in bed, reading after bed.

True to the Montessori recommendation, we set up a quiet reading corner in his classroom for him.

For the "Reading Corner":
1)  Child-size chair or floor cushions
2)  Light (lamp or sunlight)
3)  Books close by (on shelf or in basket)

There was no explanation needed.
Like a moth to a flame, Zo found his Little Quiet Book Nook...

Browsing the selections...

Found a nice seat.

A Few Weeks Later... he's still at it.
It's certainly nice to have books for breakfast. 

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