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A small but invaluable item in your child's home life...the CLEAN BUCKET.


Messes are bound to happen.
Life's too lonely to clean up, ALL BY YOURSELF.
Let the kids in on the fun...give them the CB!
Trust me, they love it.

It's a simple recipe:
1)  A Bucket or container of any sort
2)  A Hand held dust pan & broom
3)  A Spray Bottle (or two...for visitors, BIG hit)
4)  A Sponge(s)
5)  A Rag

We've had many playdates where the CLEAN BUCKET was the "Star of the Show".  We have them spray the table to clean up between craft projects or snack time.  They are also allowed to spray down the blackboard easle.

Cleaning Action: Video Clip (Click Here!)

It's amazing how much the kids really enjoy this housekeeping business. 
Let's just hope it doesn't wear off any time soon...

Cousin Teamwork...

Polishing away...

LeLe soaking the chalkboard...

Zuzu wringing the sponge...
Verver working on the table...

At another playdate, E joins in!

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  1. what a great idea. im thinking the vaisey children ought to have one of their very own!