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5 x 15.

That's the dimension of our "Green Space" in our little Perch.
No, not the classroom.
Rather, our Classroom Garden.
Herb garden to be exact...

A total of 75 square inches.

Sounds very "bountiful" when you put anything in "squares."

HapaLab was thoroughly inspired by Pomello Farm, a blog started by Aleli Jolicoeur (sister-in-law) about being reconnected with the earth from which our food grows.  She is involved with Food not Lawns and has really dug into the community of Claremont, CA.

We both are working our own soil daily.
Her outdoor garden is alive and thriving, and my indoor homeschool is ever changing and growing...

Since we don't actually have a yard, we decided our kitchen window ledge was as good as anything, right Aleli?  Zo was quite excited about the whole gardening project, even such a small one.

Things Used:
1)  A brown tin bucket
2)  Some herb seeds
3)  Potting Soil
4)  Water
5)  Mama nature's glorious sunlight

A few week later...

the Sprout.
We separated the soil initially into 3 areas...
One for Basil, one for chives, one for parsley.
These are herbs I cook with regularly. 

The chives have not come in yet, but the basil and parsley are peeping out nicely in our tin bucket.

It is great to have Zozie feel the potting soil, spread the seeds, and have him see that he can grow things with the sun and the water.  There is care and attention in watering the garden every day.  It really cultivates an awareness of caring for something else other than himself.  "Mine" is becoming a less frequent word in our house now.  The Way of the garden is undoubtedly calming.

Speaking of which, Aleli's children are lucky enough to have their own gardens!  So GREEN...both in vegetation, and in envy *sigh*...
Be sure to visit her post "A Bit of Earth"...so beautiful.

There's really no excuse to not try this at home.
If you have 5 x 15, you can do this too.

Go on...grow something...Just DIG IN!

8 weeks later...


  1. Hooray for herbs! The basil and parsley look delicious! Love hearing all the happenings at the Hapa Lab!

  2. I'm impressed -- your indoor herbs look better than our outdoor herbs this year! We all gardened together this year, but next summer I think I'll try giving the kids their own little gardens to tend to.

  3. Yes that's right Julie......... you could grow anything in a yogurt cup if that's all you've got! Not surprising to most of us, however, that your abundant talent for beauty and great design is how your herb garden sprouted into being! This all looks so gorgeous, nurturing and yummy! Lucky Enzo!
    Love, Aleli & the "Sprouts"