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Did you say "Mime?"

Today is Mime Day @ Live Oak Park!
So we're "Park-schooling" today with Zo...

After going to a morning Birthday party for our dear tiny friend Baby Kai, we spotted some signage that the San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT) was going to be playing today at 2pm, for free.

Loving live theatre, and not being able to pass up a freebie, we rushed home for Zo's nap so we could make the showtime.  Ever since we took him to see Cirque Du Solei's "Ovo" for his 2nd birthday, his aunt Bekah's dance performance, and the Tournament of the Kings in Vegas, Zozie has been hooked on theatre.  
He absolutely LOVES shows and loves applauding for the players.  
He's getting that the actors are "pretending", or acting, which helps his own imagination during creative play.

True to form, Zo is completely entranced.  
Barely blinking, he sits through the entire performance.  
There's something about seeing live players that totally captivates him.

Anyways, nothing like a blazing hot day out on the lawn with the fam...

Uncle Jeremy joined us...

The SFMT is in it's 51th season, and is an artist collective.  Pretty amazing that they've been around for so long.  They do social/political commentary.  This program?  Posibilidad:  The Death of the Worker.
Some dancing, more singing, and lot of acting.  However, NO MIMING.  Wha???

  Oh well, got some shirts anyways to help donate to the collective...
"NO Posibilidad":  The Death of the Mime.

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