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Chris Enz-gel!

The SF Exploratorium is simply... AMAZING.

I AM....Enz-gel.

It's like a giant maze of crazy science experiments.

Zozie was completely entranced...and the best part was, so were we.
It's always satisfying to find a place that both kids AND adults enjoy.


The Exploratorium left us looking up, down, in, out, every which direction.  Around every corner is another bit of our vast universe that we did not know existed....and of course, did not understand.  
We were THRILLED to extend our home preschool class here today for Zo!  

The Color Lab

On top of the fantastic exhibits, which is constantly being rotated and developed in-house, they offer a "Homeschool Science Program" at the Exploratorium!  How lucky is a homeschooler who gets to do his/her science courses HERE?!?  Starts at 7 yrs, we are keeping our eyes out for this one down the line:  http://www.exploratorium.edu/membership/homeschool/

Being here provided a reflection on how indeed SMALL each of our worlds are on a day-to-day basis.  Who we are as we know it, so irrelevant when placed in the context of so much that we don't know in this universe.
Your home, your car, your job, your kids, your drama!
Could that be it?  
It's so very refreshing to expand.  
To open your eyes.  
To look around.  
To NOT be... just you. 

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