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AND Scene.


The month of October has come to an END.

Harvest festivals, preschool costume parades, pumpkin patches, fall festival book fairs, magic shows, harvest breakfast fundraisers, numerous craft projects and endless baking assignments, super fun toddler Halloween parties, and LAST, trick or treating....

You hear what I'm saying?
I am totally, completely, utterly, WIPED.
It took some convincing for me to go Trick or Treating last night.

Who knew this seemingly harmless month out of the year would be KA-RA-ZEE?
Good times tho, good times.

Here's a smattering of photos for the various October festivities.

Ardenwood Historic Farm kicked it off.
Zozie & The Cousins.
Uncle Steve & Aunt Bek.....The Walk.
Mama & Zo on the Slow-Poke Carriage Train
Big Hat?  Or Small Boy?  Hummm...
Workin' for the corn...

After the Harvest Festival....
The MONTH LONG dressing up began.
Literally.  Everyday.

Princess, Fairy, Butterflies...EVERYWHERE!
The Flower Fairy flew by...
It seemed like Zozie was in a different costume, again, EVERYDAY.

Grumpy Chicken
A Horsie...on a horsie.

"Narci" the baby Elephant.
Happy Conductor.
Fierce Knight.

Dark Knight.
Of Course.
Flamin' Rainbow Tights.
Hey, we're in Berkeley.
What can I say.

Seemed that the "outfits" crept into our daily routines...
Bath Time:  Shy Madame Butterfly...In Towel "Kimono"

Eating Time:  Kong Fu Master Zo
Pilot, mixing his own drink.
Haircutting: ??? (Japanese Hair "BIB")
Happy to say...we are DONE.
Along with the "extra" Candy.


  1. I havn't seen half of these costumes and didn't realize you were having a month long Halloween celebration. Sounds like fun.

  2. I love reading your blog, Julie :) These outfits are so darn cute on Z.

  3. Julie,

    I love all of the recent set of photos, and the marvelous "clean up" video and song. Looking at the photos, at the clarity and simplicity of your settings and activities with Enzo, I feel calmer, blessed, healed. While you, Marc, and Enzo are blessed to have each other, you are blessing the whole world through your journeys together. I know that.

    Thank you!

    Love and gratitude,


    PS I love the photo of you and Rebekah with the sunglasses, and the photo of Enzo as the Flower Fairy! Oh, and those beautiful blue glass beads!!!

  4. best moments of the post: flaming tights in berkeley, shy madame butterfly and horse on a horsie...hilarious. Also, I am proud to be, along with my husband, your little squat friends.

  5. Most of this stuff were hand-me-downs or dollar finds at garage sales, so no big expenses with this much variety:) It WAS really fun, despite the extra clean up work for mama. There's a "dress up" area in his own closet...Look out for that Transformation post later this month!