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Clip Nest

Presentation:  Wooden Clips

Here's a SUPER easy one.
This homemade tool came about after observing Zozie helping himself at our home Snack Bar.  He was struggling with the various clips I put on the different chips/cracker bags.  Zo could yank off the clips, pour the snack into a bowl, but could not get the clips back on to close the bag.  So... it was time for a new tool at our Z school!

The Goal
Practice of pinch and release of clips onto various objects - eventual "Grip" of objects.
Getting the sense of weight and balance as they choose where to set each clip on the container.

The Set Up
Pretty straight forward.
Saw a similar set up at a friends house, she used small empty yogurt cups.  Although something alittle bit more weighted would help in keeping the container from toppling over.

1)  2 Baskets (or similar containers)
2)  10 Wooden clips (I chose 10 to add to the counting tool)

The Presentation
1)  Use your bare hand, mimic the finger gesture of pinching a clip down.
2)  After several gestures in the air, reach down to the basket of clips, take one out.
3)  Pinch the clips several times mid air, again emphasizing the action.
4)  Hold the basket with the other hand, pick a spot on the edge, clamp the clip down.
5)  Go directly across from the clip, then set the next clip.
6)  Counter balance the container as you set the rest of the clips.
7)  Reverse the presentation, and place each clip back into the original basket.
8)  Invite the child to try.

Take a look at Zo with this new tool..."It's like a BOWL..."

The child may tend to want to "twist" the clips off at first, still not equating the "pinch" motion as the way the clips are removed.  Note the slight frustration in the video clip.  After a week or so of introducing this tool, we are no longer twisting...and the snack bags are mostly closed after use now! 

I added clips to a ribbon to hang off our curtain rod to display crafts.
Zozie loves using his new clipping skills on this...go, go, and CLIP AWAY!!


  1. this is a great one. I think it would really help when he begins writing, too. When Lena started preschool this fall, her teacher said she needed to work on holding a pencil (the pinch) and hand strength. I never thought to have her practice, I just assumed it would come naturally and eventually.

  2. p.s. he is very adorable and i seriously love his little tiny zo voice. so sweet.