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Dawn. (Part 1)

Hapa Lab went on a short break.

Zozie's grandparents are celebrating their 60th & 70th birthdays.
This called for a family cruise aboard the Norwegian DAWN.

Zo: "Our Smiling Ship"
Dawn took us on a 5 day tour in Western Caribbean.

Cruise ships nowadays boast around 300 - 400 kids aboard each trip.
This was our first cruise with Zo.
He's currently two & a half.

Kid & family friendly?
You betcha.

Happy to land in Miami

Grandma & grandpa....REALLY happy to land in Miami.

at the terminal with his cousin.

Bon Voyage!

the Original Foursome.

off & RUNNING...

long corridors are great toddler-energy-burners...

or for practicing cat walks?

alas...our home on the sea.

first things first...

found the dining/living area...

and the gifts for the birthday boy & girl...

2.5... Really?

found the bath tub.

and the shampoo...

don't mind if we DO!!!

me too.

the balcony...AAAhhhhhhh.
*Note the glass barrier with narrow seams...perfectly safe for little ones*

then food started...

and kept going....

and going...

"chocoholic buffet"... their words, not mine.

A different "towel creation" greeted us each evening for bedtime.
(kids, what animal we are getting tonight?  they loved it.)

the kid's nest.

 "Kids Crew", an on-board camp with counselors, 
provided plenty of fun family activities.
The youngest group is ages 2 - 5, led by "Ms. Kiwi".
Zo called it his "Boat School".
Check em' in.
Take the pager.
Come back when ready.

*Also, the "Dino Pool" was the best*

First Day...."Aliens"

Followed by "Family Legos" in the Lounge...

i heart LEGOS.

Second Day...."Pizzaria"
make & eat their own masterpiece.
Third Day...."Pirates"

"Papa Nash", our AWESOME server.

"Das", our AWESOME butler.

Room service for 8?  Too much???

Never!  The "inner Caterer" kicks in.
So back to the crazy skyline...
(this was non-stop)

Our final sunrise...

with mama.

with daddy.

bye, Dawn.

It was wonderful to see the ship & ocean through Zo's eyes.
Such vastness and endlessness.
Far from his usual home school, a 6x10 feet space.
This was simply amazing.

Before booking the Cruise:
1)  Will my kid fall over the edge?
2)  Are there any kid/family activities?
3)  Is there anything the kids can eat?
4)  Will they remember it?

After the Cruise:
1)  Tall glass everywhere, really no way to grab and flip.
(the look of the waves alone will scare them enough to stay away.)
2) Non-stop action.
3)  Are you kidding me?
4)  He still talks about it.

Look for "Part 2" of the Dawn post:  Ports of Call
Grand Cayman & Cozumel

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