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Dawn. (Part 2)

Part 1 is about the actual cruise ship...
Part 2 is about the sightseeing.
First stop?
Grand Cayman.

Our guided tour started at the New Turtle Farm.

Needless to say, big BIG hit with the kids...

*Also saw dolphins across the farm*

Then...off to HELL.
The greenest one you will ever see.

Actually, just a town called "Hell" for it's unique 
volcanic rock formations.

We're in Hell! (I think Zo just needed to go potty.)

The best feature of Grand Cayman?

Crispy Water.


and the skies.

cute birds...

What's a trip to the Caribbean without a PIRATE???

weird pirate guy, but went for the photo-op anyways.

Kids just have fun EVERYWHERE.

That (above) can be a fountain at any shopping mall.
They could careless if we were in the Caribbeans.
A good pal, a place to run, who needs more?
We could all learn from such simplicity eh?

Next stop?  
Tulum Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.

hey...those aren't Mayans!

Amazing native wild life...

Then, the streets of Cozumel...
which is....?

what dah??
Um...Let's go back to this image below.

yes, much better.

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