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Mama...I'm thirsty!
How many times do you get your toddler a drink at home each day?

Here at HapaLAB, it's all about "Do-it-yourself." 
Much like the KD (knock-down) furniture at Ikea, but significantly less painful, less complicated, and less costly.  We're talkin' a good DIY experience...one where you have all the screws, you can understand the instructions, and there's no glue involved.  And most importantly, that giddy GLOW you get when you finish it...I did it myself!

So...Just think of your toddler feeling that accomplishment while filling up.
Who wouldn't want to be able to grab their own drink?
For Zozie, his preferred drink is:  Water.
It was pretty clear that we needed to add this to his classroom...

A Drinking Fountain! 
Well actually, it's just a glorified water pitcher with a spigot.  
A PUR dispenser...Target $30.  
Slim, 1 Gallon, Filters.  
More independence + Less asking = Happy Kid & Mama
The usual HapaLAB motto.

A tray of tea cups and glasses round off this toddler drink station.

Used glasses are places right side up, while clean glasses are placed upside down.  His friends love getting their own water when they come over for playdates.  We've overheard "Mommy!  I got my own water at Zozo's house!" numerous times...

Spills?  It's only water!  Just think of it as cleaning a spot on the floor that you meant to get to anyways, right?  Plus with every practice, they get better...right before your eyes!
The entire drink station is sitting on top of a recycled wine crate from a local wine storage warehouse.  To maximize our class space, we tucked the cleaning brooms, water bottle sprayer, and sponges below.

As with anything new, they'll want to do it all the time.  C'mon, it's water!  
At first, Zozie would pour a glass, take a sip, say "all done", then pour another, take one sip, then repeat until all 6 glasses were used at once. Other times, he would deliberately fill until overflowing...just to see what happens.   Eventually, after a week, the novelty wore off and it's just used as intended.  Don't let the initial curiosity kill the project.  It really is worth trying!
Got a variation?  Tell us about it!  HapaLab@gmail.com

Let Zo pour you a glass:

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