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The Cheater.

兔年來了!  The year of the Rabbit is coming...

Nothing says Chinese New Year like DUMPLINGS!
This year, New Year is on 2/4.  But for the Chinese, it's pretty much an excuse to take an entire month to gorge themselves on unbelievably tasty food while wearing RED and some variation on GOLD to be cheerful. 
None of this "One Day Holiday" stuff like in the West.  
It ends when WE say it ends... OK?

Here at HapaLAB, Zo is having one of his New Year lunches...
4 Veggie Dumpling (Gyozas) with Stir-fried Asparagus & Button Mushrooms.
Dipping Sauce:  Black vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, dark sesame oil.
*A tiny dash of dark brown sugar rounds out the tartness.

Actually, Chinese New Years or not, Gyozas are one of Zozie's favorite meals.
Why?  Because he can use his "Toto & Zeze."

It's a set of "Training Chopsticks", or Cheaters, that he got as a gift.
Toto = The Dog & Zeze = The Cat.
Cute chubby animal decals at the top of the utensil.
I'm assuming they are plump from all the food they ate, with their chopsticks.

It offers circular chopstick connectors and 3 silicon finger loops to assist in the grip motion.  Charmingly called Edison Chopsticks, it's a Korean company based in Australia.  Typical of any Asian infant/toddler products, there are usually product claims of its magical powers to increase a child's intelligence by using it, stated in grammatically incorrect English, of course.   

"IQ UP!"  "EQ UP!"
"Especially for childeren users"  
"Improving Intelligence"
Thus the brand name EDISON.  (Ah yes.  Lightbulb on!)
You can find yourself a set between $6-$10 on Amazon or Online Stores.  

Not sure why there are no English editors in Asian product marketing?  But I have to say, we always get the best chuckles from some of these VERY creative use of English...or Chinglish.  But the Chinese are not the only ones to be speaking Engrish these days...

Anyways, Zozo sure loves his Toto & Zeze at nearly every non-liquid meal.
Although towards the end of the video, he is asking for "my doe-doe" (or Edamame:  Soy Bean Pods), a preferred FINGER food.  Hummm...

Boy... I sure hope his IQ & EQ will up from using these.
If anything can do it, cheater chopsticks can.
However, do I get a refund if they no UP?

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