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Mr. Roboto.

So I get an email from my friend N late one night...
"I need to buy a girl bag and a boy bag, what should I get?"
I see the attached link...

It's for Mee a Bee, an Etsy vendor I've been drooling over for a while.
I came across Blooming in Nihon (Japan), where Jacqui, a New Zealand expatriate lives with her husband and 2 boys.
She hand-makes these Cuter-than-Cute tiny messenger bags for toddlers.
Apparently, N went through my blog favorites and found her also. 

"Boy bag?  Why do you need a boy bag for K?"
"I need to find a boy to buy a bag for cuz they are TOO cute, and Zozie has a birthday coming up!"

My Mee a Bee dreams have come true.... 
Apparently, there was a HALF OFF sale in Jan.
Being that N was open to counsel, I rounded out her order with 4 bags in cart:

1)  "Awesome Robot" bag for Z. (Love the retro vintage robots)
2)  "Princess & Frog" bag for K.  (Love the oval flap treatment)
3)  "Raspberry Ballerina" bag for K.  (Love the strap color & ballet)
4)  "Green Apples" bag for K.  (A larger version I secretly wanted for myself)
Sorry N, you asked.  
It's easy spending other people's money.
Humm...a bit like my design profession?

Mee a Bee can custom make to your liking, and she was kind enough to throw on an adjustable strap for our Robot Bag.

Z has always been a "Bag Boy", this was not going to be a hard sell.
Sure enough, he LOVES it.

It's only 6" x 6" square with a flat bottom, but it's actually the PERFECT scale on a toddler.  Not too big, not too small.  Just enough for a light snacks, small book, and some toys.  "I need my robot bag, Mama!"
I'm sure this will make it on the plane for our upcoming family trip to Japan.

Domo Arigato... Mr. Roboto!

非常感謝 "N" 阿姨!
Domo あなたは Mee a Bee!

like father.  like son.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! What an adorable boy you have! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful review and compliments about my bags! I'm am touched beyond belief that you went to so much trouble to make such a fantastic post for your blog. THANK YOU!!! Jacqui, Mee a Bee