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LAB Work: Zo's Closet

Budget:  $0  (All existing items)
Time:  One lazy Sunday.
Presentation:  Hanging Clothes (see below)

 So you got Zo's bedroom tour...Now lets go into his CLOSET.
TRUE Homeschooling...Using home-life to teach life skills.

 2 Words.

Nothing Fancy.
Just 2 lower hanging rods, JUST PERFECT.

Our apartment closet came with 2 lower bars on either end.   I didn't notice these before.  A standard wood shelf sits on top.  Then the regular hanging rod extends the length of the closet.  The 2 lower rods gave us the kick start to this short HapaLAB transformation.   
It was as if the closet knew the Montessori Method.  
Everything at a child's level.
Zo can now hang his own clothes, and pick out what he wanted to wear.
Alternative:  Use a suspension shower rod for the same effect, bring the rod down to the child's level.   Around 37" A.F.F. (Above Finished Floor).

hummm...what to wear...

Got it.
His Dresser.
The white metal-framed fabric drawers (Ikea) housed his folded clothing:
From Top to Bottom:
1)  Shorts/Swim Wear
2)  Pajamas
3)  Undershirts
4)  Underwears/Night Diapers
5)  Socks, belts, accessories
6)  Pants

We placed the frequently accessed item on levels 3, 4, 5.  Those were more Zo-height, so he could get stuff, and more importantly, PUT STUFF AWAY.  Laundry days are SO much easier now.

How to Hang?
We have been hanging for a while now.
Here's a mini-presentation on hanging a shirt:

1)  Lay shirt flat on the floor
2)  Insert hanger at collar, stretch the left side into the shirt.
3)  Repeat with the right side
4)  Shake it out
5)  Hang it up (preferably on a low rod so you don't have to lift the child)

*Seems intuitive, until you have to teach a 2 year old, step by step.  Don't go too fast, or the frustration level will rise for the child.  You can always start with one side already inserted, then have the child finish up the second side.  Early success will motivate more practice.

 Here's a clip on hanging:

This is all on the left side of the closet.
And the right side?

The Dress-Ups... of course!

This kid has lots of garage sale finds in his dress up closet.
We put costumes on the right side of the closet so it is separate from his regular clothes.  We also used color hangers vs. the white ones, again to let him see the costumes go on the red or blue hangers.  
Crazy creative role playing?
Not a problem.

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  1. i love the way he shakes it out:) It's a great idea to hang dress-ups. Much better than cramming them in our little chest!