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I Heart Gems.

Presentation:  Bead Sorting


I know.
I can't seem to get enough of these glass beads.
I figured, if I love them so much, so will my kid.
So Shiiiiny.

Aaa-ny whooo....
Let's just jump to the presentation.
Simple, really simple.
Fun none the less.
Because of the Gemmy-Beads.
Oh, and the $1 Wooden pillar candle tray I'm using as a sorting tray.
Yes, another yard sale find.
A buck goes a long way these days.

I'm stretching as long as I can before committing to formal Montessori tools.
Meaning... those cost BIG bucks.

The Goal:
Color differentiation, sorting, counting

The Set Up:
1)  A Sorting Tray (any container with compartments)
2)  Glass bowl or small jar
3)  Colored Beads (any other objects with different colors)

The Presentation:
1)  If on the floor, ask child to roll out work mat.
2)  If working on the table, ask child to bring the work tray to the table.
3)  Remove glass bowl with beads.
4)  Start by placing a different colored bead in each compartment.
5)  Pick up the next bead, hover over each compartment until the color matched.
6)  Drop the bead in.
7)  Repeat.
8)  When all are placed, ask the child to replace beads back into the bowl.
9)  Count the number of beads as they go back into the bowl.
10)  Place tray back on to the shelf

We originally used some plastic colored animal for the set up.  
The idea being that this would attract the child's attention...and hold it.
Then later, I opted for the glass beads since they were more weighted 
and felt nice to the touch.
Still very attractive to the child,  
since they are beautiful in nature
a good rule of thumb.

Lions, Hippos, and Elepahants...in a jar.

An Action Clip as promised:
He is calling each color grouping as a "car" since the beads look like wheels to him.  There was also a bead with a slight crack in it, so he notices the "broken" part...one more reason to use natural materials vs. man-made materials:  Natural blemishes occurring and being noticed.

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