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Presentation:  Rainbow Box.


Have a set of Pill Boxes?
We do.
Dropped in on our local Ichiban Kan Shop and came upon this tiny compartmental set.  It was just screaming Montessori.  
If boxes can scream.  
Pair that with a bag of Easter colored fuzz balls from the dollar store and a new HL tool was born.  

The Goal: 
Color matching & Coordination in opening and snap shutting containers
 The Set Up:
1)  A set of color pill boxes
2)  Matching colored pom-poms
3)  A small basket
The Presentation:
1)  Ask the child to bring the tray
2)  Lift one pill box, run finger over the hinge side, then over the non-hinge side.
3)  Use thumb and lift open the lid, one at a time.
4)  Look into the basket, find a coordinating color pom-pom.
5)  Insert into the first compartment.
6)  Repeat for the 2nd and 3rd compartment.
7)  Snap close each lid over the pom-poms.
8)  Repeat until all pom-poms are placed.
9)  Reverse everything and place back into basket.
10)  Invite the child to try

The bright and cheerful colors of this set instantly drew Zozie in to the activity.  It was pretty intuitive for him once he saw the coordinating pom-poms in the basket.  A few times, he would misplace the colors on purpose, look at me with a smirk, then re-order the fuzz balls.  The little sneaker.  It just shows that he knew "the agenda" well enough to crack a joke with it, eh?

**Zozie added his own extension to this presentation by wanting to SCOOP out the pom-poms to be returned to the basket with a small spoon.  He started out by trying to SHAKE them out, but had to re-think it when the pom-poms were going everywhere:)

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