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Hapa This, Hapa That.

Why are all things Japanese SO cute?  
As if the real life tasty "des-za-to" are not enough...
Now they have to make the cutie eraser version of it???

This Sweets & Tea Set can be seen at HapaCulture!
For some pocket change, you can bring this mini slice of Hapa-ness 
into your own home. 
With a similar name to our LAB, HapaCulture is an online stationary shop that carries everything your Japanese-culture-craving-heart desires!  From high quality thematic erasers, designer stickers, origami sets, and custom bilingual stationary, an eraser is NOT just an eraser at HapaCulture.  
In Japan, everything is "Art"...Check it out.

Not only is HapaCulture an uber-adorable shop to browse for that perfect stocking stuffer, birthday present, or everyday party favor, it is also owned by a dear friend of mine.  W at HapaCulture has a great artistic eye for stocking her shop, and an even greater heart for reaching out to the people of Japan in this time of need.

For the month of March, HapaCulture is donating 10% of all proceeds to Japan's Disaster Relief.
HapaCulture, along with numerous crafty vendors over at Etsy, have gathered together to show their support and love for Japan...the land, the people, the culture.

Here are some of my favorite HAPA vendors:

Jojoebi Designs/Montessori Goldmine is a British Crafty Montessori Mommy blogger who lives in Japan.  Jojo is also offering A Quake Appeal in light of the recent events.  Tons of great Homeschooling Montessori ideas, tool PDFs, and lesson plans.  A must visit for the terrific resources!!

Mee A Bee, whom I featured in a previous post about their miniature toddler messenger bags.  Another Hapa Etsy vendor, Jacqui is a New Zealander living in Japan.  With her own Quake Appeal, Jacqui was also one of the features on an Etsy front page dedicated to Japanese made hand crafts.

A Mee A Bee related New Zealand shop, Li'l Magoolie, is hosting an Auction for NZ and a 1,000 Crane Wish support for Japan...

The list can continue...the sentiments all the same.

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