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Fly Away.

It was a breezy blustery day back in summer...
Lots of kites, hundreds of kits, everywhere in the skies.
Every year, on a particularly windy hill, there is a Kite Festival here at the Berkeley Marina.  We've heard about this and wanted to come see it LIVE with Zozie.  A fantastic "natural element" lesson on the effects of wind and flight.  Free to the public, and again, true to Berkeley form, free bike valet.  We mounted our wheels, beanies on our heads, and rode off to that windy hill.  Saw this view on arrival:

Look Dalee!  Big Octopus in the sky!! (he's screaming as we approach...)
The excitement was building.  We continued our ride and came just in time for the "Make your own Kite" workshop.  Zo could not wait to get his very own kite up in the sky.

Maybe we can tie some strings to you Zozie and fly YOU in the sky?
No, mama...(chuckling) I'm too heeeeavy, I'm not a paper or a tail! 
You need a tail to fly?  
Yes, a long, LONG one.

He was ready to fly his creation.
A little added height from Dalee helped to get the maiden voyage going:

After watching a fantastic "Kite Ballet" competition in the sky, naptime approached.  We picked out our own Octopus to take home, then saddled up.  Pulling into the garage, we find THIS in the bike seat...

ZZZZZZ....with new kite in arms.

Some "Post-Nap" Flying:
Zozie wanted to fly his new kite with our home fan...Note - He's "working" the kite (pumping his arms back and forth) as that's how the kite competitors were demonstrating their choreography at the show.
If you have a big windy fan at home, try this out.  It really is a great way for them to see the effects of wind and flight!

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