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I shoulda had a...

Sorry I've been away this last month.
I've not been myself...just alittle off kilter.
Walkin' sideways when the world around me is darn straight.
I needed something fresh.
So I've met a new friend.
She's smooth, tart, and is good... very good to me.
Icy cold, but I like that.
We have been hanging out nightly, ever since I found out I have a new passenger on board.

That's right, we are growing a tiny new Hapa LAB rat.
A new subject to share in the fun here at the lab with Zozie.
For whatever reason, that little new labbie just loves V8.
But not much else.
Zozie has named our newest member "Little Bean" (豆), or "Beanie" for short.  We've updated Beanie's profile photo (on right @ 13 wks today) as a welcome to our LAB.
It's been a turbulent ride for us so far.
Intense insomnia, bland tastebuds, and that relentless nausea!
We are both glad we've found a new friend that doesn't mind hanging out with us in this most unflattering state.  Crack me open another!  I love me some liquid veggies.

Alas, we're slowly crawling out of that vortex of fatigue and typing on the keyboard again.
It's good to be back, my old friends.


  1. Welcome Little Bean! See you soon.

  2. Yay Beanie!! Julie, so happy for you guys!

  3. I am so happy for your sweet family!!!!! Yippee!!!

  4. Wo! So Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this is why you have been frequenting my dreams so often lately...because you are about to change the world with a new life:) I hope you weren't too sick yet when you came out to visit. You are a sly dog Julie Estrada and know how to keep a secret for sure:) All of the Vaiseys rejoice at the prospect of another cousin!!!! HOpe you start feeling better soon!!!