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Oh, Oh, Oh...

It's Halloween again.
We opted for the faster Marker Jack-O-Lantern face this year!
Zozie liked that he could do multiple versions each day of the week...
Draw, put out on porch.  Next day, wipe clean (washable markers), draw another face, put out on porch.
Rains.  Oops.
Mama, my pumpkin face is melted!
It's ok, now we can draw AGAIN, right?

At school, there was the annual "Halloween Fashion Show Extravaganza".
And indeed it was.
Kids in fantastic costumes, having a dance party to the tunes of KATY PERRY's Fireworks.

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine.
Just own the night, like the 4th of July.
(but in October).
Oh, oh, oh...

Zozie wanted to be a Zoo elephant, and me to be his Zookeeper.  Not exactly sure what the difference is between a "Zoo elephant" vs. just an "elephant" for costuming purposes?  Pulling my safari shirt tight across my near 4month pooch belly, we made our debut that morning, bopping along.

In the evening, there's no getting away from the Trick-or-Treating this year.
We went along one block and collected the treats, then came home to do the best part of the evening...
The What will you pick? Game.

So what IS the What will you pick? Game, you ask?
The rules are simple.
Each person gets a tupperware bowl.
In our case, we had 3 people. (Zozie, Mama, Dalee).

We place the pile o' goodies in the middle.
Then we go around in a circle, asking "What will you pick? , taking turns to place one piece of treat in our bowl.  Keep going till the stash is gone.
We place the lid on our tupperware and each have our own bowl of treats.

Best part of the game for mama & dalee?
That Zozie just has 1/3 of all he collected.


  1. did he eat all of his stash? I asked k. how many she wanted to keep and we negotiated 5 pieces. I was so very surprised and how she was content w/ that number. She slept w/ her candies for a week, each day only eating one.

    1. Smurfette - Nope. Just ate one piece each morning for about 4-5 days, then he forgot to ask for his tupperware bowl after that. Short memory!