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Boy, I'm Dashing.

Black Velvet Jacket.
3 Piece Suit.
Cow hide shoes.
And a cute girl on his arm.
Boy, I'm Dashing.

The LAB's been alittle quiet these days...
We've been preparing for a sweet friend's wedding at V. Sattui in Napa.  
And now the Big Day has come and gone.  
It's Zozie's first wedding as Ring "Bear", and yes, he LOVES his cow shoes.
Mama is tired as the Matron, but what a beautiful wedding...
Congrats Auntie Meg & Uncle Dave!
(More on the wedding @ HapaSTUDIO. )

He also loves the appetizer.

And we love him.
More photos:  05062011M+D

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh, that three piece suit. he IS dashing. and his mamma is beautiful! good looking family right there!