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A kids gotta eat.
That fact + Preschool = Bentos.
Introducing a New HL Tab: "Z food" 
(Click & See!)

That's right, Z is starting Preschool.  
We've been on a wait-list for a Mandarin Immersion Montessori School and got "the call" last week.  A space has opened up at the Young Children's House (YCH).  Like opening night stage fright, I was both totally excited and completely petrified of the idea of not having Zozie with me every morning.  This program is 5 days a week, 9 - 1pm.  A huge shift for us.  Aside from being Montessori, the Mandarin Immersion with traditional Chinese is the real prize for us.  Only in the Bay Area would we have such a school just 15mins away.  We're very lucky...or are we?  Could having no choices be possibly better than having too many choices?

Being late in the school year, joining at this point will leave just 7 weeks before school is out.  It's not that bad.  I'll have him back for the summer, then we'll see about the fall....later. 
Just 7 weeks.  We can do that.  
I can do that.  

Having the Preschool question come up is a significant one in any SAHM's life.  It signifies an end of a life chapter.  One where you are further severing the already phantom umbellical cord from your child.  I suddenly started to feel when Zozie use to kick my belly, from the inside.  Then holding him, for what it seems like forever and always, when time stood still, as a young mother-son couple.  Now, from the occasional request of being carried around, to the shortened good-night snuggles before lights out...
the distance grows.   
Ok mama, all done hugging.
He is growing up, it's not time to start letting go.  
We've already let go.  
Now, it's just wash and repeat.

First Day. *Gasp*
During emotionally hard times, I turn to things that are both essentially required and easily conquered.
This takes us to B_E_N_T_O_S!

So, What is a Bento?
A "Convenience Box" of sorts, it is a single portion packed meal usually set in a multi-compartmental container of many varieties.  Since the idea of putting Zozie in preschool overwhelmed me, I quickly went to buy various Bento making tools to make myself feel better.
Pack a lunch?  OK, I can do this.  
Use a compartmental box to simplify portions and food ideas?  Even better.
The sheer number of ubber-cute Bento Box options is incredible.  You can find all sorts of Online Shops along with sites that share a myriad of Bento making ideas to make lunch fun for your child.  One particularly fabulous site is Weelicious.  It has a great Bento Gallery, featuring the nutritious healthy lunches in compartment containers.  But it's also just a generally great site on making food to feed kids.  You can sort by Vegan, Gluten-Free, purees, or other food categories.

Funny Looking Eggs?  
Boy, he LOVES these.  
Just hard boil some eggs, place in one of these egg molds, snap shut, submerge in cold H2O for 10mins.  
These will jazz up any boring Bento lunch!
Find these at JustBento.Com
I got to work. 
Making Bentos for Zozie became my way of still being with him.  Seeing his food at lunch time will be like,  seeing his mama.  Well....who knows really, probably just wishful thinking.  He'll probably just be happy to have something to eat when his tummy is hungry.
I'm the sappy one here.
Think I'm gonna go make myself a Bento....sniff.

So what about HapaLAB?
No worries...
His homeschool adventures will continue in the afternoons, post naps.
We'll keep the Home Tools comin'.  Plenty where that comes from.
Again, just 7 weeks.


  1. Yay! What an exciting step for you both. You will love bento-ing!

  2. these are adorable. lena is going to kindergarten this fall!!!! she "graduates" from preschool next thursday.