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The Dropper.

Presentation:  Water Dropper

Time for a new water tool!
I was thumbing through my toiletry closet for something and came across a simple but often forgotten about item:  The medicine dropper.
You know, those HUGE droppers they give you at the pharmacy when your kid gets an ear infection.  You take the dropper and think... there's no way that they could ever choke that pink stuff down.  But they always do, and the infection clears.  I was watching Zozie have a ball with some new bath toys, squirting away, and aiming for various bucket and water pails.  Hummmm.....dropper time!

Using the dropper to transfer fluids
Hand-eye coordination
Muscle control

Set Up
3 Same glass bottles
3 Color glass beads
Small water pitcher (Creamer)
Small Sponge
Clear funnel
Medicine dropper

1)  Ask child to bring tray to the table
2)  Place a colored glass bead in each glass bottle
3)  Place the funnel into the empty glass
4)  Fill the small pitcher with water
5)  Insert dropper into the pitcher with bulb PINCHED
6)  Release bulb, watch H2O rise
7)  Place the dropper into the first bottle, then SQUEEZE
8)  Repeat till the bottle is full, then do the same to the other 2 bottles
9)  When all 3 bottles are filled, then place funnel over the pitcher
10)  Pour each bottle in, the glass beads will be caught by the funnel
11)  Replace the glass beads back into each bottle
12)  Wipe any drips or spills with the sponge


The dropper went well for a week, then he wanted to pour again...
So here's the clip, with him pouring.  But fun nonetheless.

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