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Off to Grandma Wallelah's (Loretta's) for Easter.
This is going to be special.
First flight alone with daddy.
First time doing ovo(s) in Provo.
First Girls-Get-Away Spa Weekend for mommy.
Everyone Wins.

Alrighty....let's see...they told me something about some eggs, a field, and running....  
Dance party @ Grandma's!!

Grandma Wallelah & Auntie Hannah!

Who needs bunnies when an elephant is around eh?

This is a warning...Step AWAY from the eggs.
A week earlier....a "Candy-Less" Egg Hunt with our Mandarin Mommy Group!
Stickers and toys galore! 

Who needs sugar eh?
Mommy doesn't.

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  1. We did a candy-less egg hunt too (with the grandparents). Kids loved it, and we all had easter-themed fake tattoos at the end.