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"It's a big parteeee, mama!"
I found this group of random animals and little people gathering at the end of our narrow hallway.
Out of the corner of my eye earlier, I saw Zozie mumbling to himself, hovering over some figurines.  
Taking a closer look, I notice something peculiar.

Aerial View.
"Zozie, are these animals TALKING to each other?  At the Party?"
This is probably what he perceives at adult social events.
Everyone gabbing away, paired up.
And there seems to be some "logic" in the pairings.
Cows with cows.  Horses with horses.  Hippos with hippos.  People with people.  Sheep with chicken?  Alteast they were the same height.
Short rabbit and tall giraffe?  Our goofy boy.
He was running out of obvious matches.

All pairs except this TRIO.

Odd man is NOT out.  
"I Love your little party Zozie." 
"Oh!  Thank you mama."

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  1. i LOVE this! can i join the party zo? who would you pair me with? a chicken? a hippo? or a person?