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Wonder @ Wondercon!

Zozie meets a new friend at the 2011 Wondercon!
It's always a blast to visit the annual comic convention with all it's various costumed patrons strutting their stuff.  We bumped into one of Zozie's hero's on the subway into the city.
"Look mama!  It's BIG Buzz Lightyear!!!"
Sure enough.  
There was Mr. BL, winking and giving Zozie a big thumbs up from across the train car.  It's always nice to have Z experience something new, especially something that holds alot of family history as his grandfather Ric, his own dad, and many of his uncles are in the film/visual effects industry.

Z's first Wondercon "Pro Pass" with daddy!
Even with all this excitement....Nap time RULES!

Z was completely mesmerized by the whole convention and especially by all the awesome costumes of robots and superheros.  We wondered along until he spotted this guy, his first Star Wars Encounter...

"Why he not say HI to me, Daddy?"
"Because he has no mouth & no words, Zozie.  He just makes beeps to talk."
"Give him a hug ok?"
"What his name?"
"R2D2, pumpkin."

The Wonder Continues.