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Presentation:  Pouring Pitchers

An Oldie but Goodie!
The pitcher pouring tool is a CLASSIC in the Montessori tool shed.
We found our creamer "Pitchers" at our local Crate N Barrel outlet.
Also picked up some white coffee mugs in 3 sizes:  Espresso (S), Regular (M), and Big (L).

These days, we like having the same things in 3 sizes.  It helps Zozie understand the concept of Small, Medium, Large as it applies to our daily lives.  He often refers to me as the "Medium Mama" since large items are for daddy and small ones for himself.   
Now, we just need some warm porridge.....hummm.

Now back to the pitchers...
Pouring objects or liquide between containers
Hand-eye coordination

Set Up
2 Same Pitchers
Objects (Pebbles, marbles, grains, beans)
Or Liquid (Water, milk, juice)

1)  Ask child to bring tray to the table
2)  Lift with handle, elevate the first pitcher over the other one.
3)  Use the thumb, and 2 fingers to support the spout portion.
4)  Slowly tilt and pour out the content into the second container.
5)  If using objects, deliberately miss and have a couple pieces fall out into the tray.  Then use index and thumb and grab each stray object and place back into the pouring pitcher.  Repeat the pouring motion to empty the jug.  *(This is to show how to take care of spills).
6)  If using liquid, deliberately miss and have a sponge ready to wipe
7)  When the contents have been transferred, repeat with the other jug, switching pouring directions.

Take your pick at the various pitchers online.
Just DON'T GET PLASTIC.  The breakable ones feel more weighted, look more beautiful, and most of all, they are a reflection of the real world physics that a child should be exposed to rather than guarded from.  It's only a few dollars if broken, let them try the real thing and they will master how to function better...faster.

White Porcelain Pitchers.  We have these and they come in S,M,L sizes that will "grow" with Zozie's hands and muscle control.  The large spout is easy for pouring, as is the closed loop handle for shaky tiny hands.

Clear Pitcher.  This a great alternative so the child can see the liquid or objects inside and the various levels as a result of his pouring something out. Great for "cause & effect" lessons.
Pitcher with Lid.  The clear glass allows the liquid viewing, but the lid is a great "baby step" to Pouring Independence.  Minimizing spills, this is a great little pitcher to set out on a tray in the snack area of any homeschool classroom.  "Pour yourself some water!"  Being able to get your own drink is VERY empowering for a tot!

At 29 months, we started our pouring tool with some smooth river rocks.

A month later, we upgraded to milk and self-serve cereal.
Short Mini-Series Below:
 Reverse Dispense.

The "Pouring Skill" is actually really useful, more than I ever realized.  Zozie dispenses ALOT of things now with minimal supervision:  Laundry detergent, watering cans, measuring cups, and pouring of cereal into a bowl (& milk to follow).   A must try! 

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