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RICE me.

Pour me ANOTHER!
On the heels of the last pouring post, here is an extension to that fundamental exercise.
This time, add a small wooden spoon and a funnel.

Pouring objects between containers
Hand-eye coordination

Set Up
2 Same glass tumblers
Handful of Rice
Small scooper or spoon
Clear funnel

1)  Ask child to bring tray to the table
2)  Place the funnel into the empty glass.
3)  Lift spoon to scoop some rice out of the other glass.
3)  Use the thumb, and 2 fingers to support the spoon.
*I tell Zo to hold it "like a pencil" and not fist grip it.
4)  Slowly tilt and pour out the content into the empty glass.
5)  Deliberately miss and have a couple pieces fall out into the tray.  Then clear the tray and tilt all the contents out into the glass. This is to show how to gather small loose objects on a tray.
6)  When the contents have been transferred, repeat & switch pouring directions.
7)  Allow the child to scoop as much as he wants, the let him pour the entire content for variety.

the pencil grip.

the transfer.
the confirmation.
 Let the pouring begin!

Zozie tries to gather the scattered grains with the spoon...then proceeds to make "eyes & a mouth" with the containers and the spoon.  A pretty simple "cause & effect" lesson.  Try with a variety of beans, grains, pebbles, or sand, anything that fits the funnel.  Nothing fancy but the fancy rice, premium grade.

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