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First Alphabets!

So I was washing dishes today and turn around to see this.
Looks like somebody is ready to write, eh?
"Are those A's Zozie?"  
"Yeah!  ALOT of A's mama!"

Interesting that Zozie should "start writing" just as I discovered my Cousin-In-Law's (is that a proper title?) Homeschool Blog the other day.  She did a feature called "Letter Weeks", in which she worked through the alphabet, one letter per week, and came up with various fun projects for her daughter to learn each letter.  The Homeschool Menagerie is a wonderful resource if you are looking to setting something up for your toddler at home.  Smart, sweet, and sassy...Adrienne is sure to keep you reading, and smiling, about her many adventures with her 2 cutie-patooties!  After seeing this chalkboard covered with the letter "A", I think I'm going to start my own Letter Week too...this kid keeps me on my toes!

An animal costume always makes homework more fun!

Now at 38months, Zo has progressively gotten better with signing his name since I first noted it a year ago.  The "O" was his first written letter, then followed by "E".  It use to be a vertical with 4-5 horizontal lines extending out.  Now, on good days, we get just a single line in the middle for "E" (see below).

last month's signature on a birthday card...

But the Big Surprise, after doing the board of "A's", is actually him writing "Little I's"!  2 New letters in one day on his own...I was floored.  I never showed him either letter, but  he has been able to sight recognize Capital letters for a while now.  The lower case letters is another story. 

So when he did this on camera for the first time ever...

"i is like a candle..."
Just like potty training, they are ready to be literate when they are ready.
He is ready.
Just not sure if I am.


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  1. Go little Zo! I love it when they start writing! Something about it makes the heart flutter(sigh).