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Fresh Feet.

Zo, Ollers, Zu, Mi, Dels.
 It was an early morning flight to North Carolina...
A last send-off to our sweet cousins across the street, now our sweet cousins across the country.  Zozie was still in his PJs on our trip to the airport, teddy bear in hand.

We cannot imagine our days in Berkeley without each of the smiley cousins and their ever-resilient mama & papa...but we'll manage, I suppose.  We spent everyday of their last week in town together.  

On the final day, I decided to give each pair of their tiny feet a home-pedicure, in preparation of their long flight and journey ahead.  As I washed their toes and heels (I had to bust out the vinegar, scrub brushes, and Epsom salts), it was sweet to remember our adventures here together with each of them.  
One by one we finished, dried off, and they went running again.  

There's something very comfy and secure about Fresh Feet.
In times of change, fresh feet will set the tone for a fresh start.  When asked what comforted people the most in Japan's post Tsunami efforts, the number one answer was clean feet with a fresh pair of socks
And so today at the airport, we'll wash, dry, and run again.

love my aunt bek.

With a tear in our eyes, a pain in our hearts, a smile on our faces, we send them off!  You can keep up with them at Pushin' Up Vaiseys, the adventures continue on the East Coast...


The Gang sings a sweet farewell...

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