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Meet BOB.

Zozie...Meet BOB.
Bob.  A funny name that Zozie could not stop laughing at in the beginning. "Bob? What's BOB?" giggle...giggle...giggggggle.
He's really really wanting to read these days.
At nearly the end of his 3rd year, the reading urge is really kicking in.
Big Time.

We have been doing phonics reading with him for a few months now, as this is the preferred Montessori method of teaching the alphabets.  Instead of reading the "Name" of the letters, the Montessori approach is to teach the "sound" of each letter.  This gives a more accurate tool for a child to use when trying to sound out a new word in a book.
"Ah, Buh, Cuh/Ccc, Duh..."

Our BOB first reader series was a total FIND at a garage sale.  But don't worry if you are not a rummage shopper, these can easily be purchased on Amazon for a decent price.  Just under $12 for a set of 10 small books!

The 1st set consist of all 3-letter words with short vowels and simple sentences.  Book 1 of Set 1 is has only 4 letters for a child to read...they were clever enough to combine these 4 letters in various ways to build a short story for a child to repeat and build literacy confidence.
It was a short "click" for Zozie to get the idea of sounding out letters in a string to form a word.  Before then, he had a rough understanding of single phonics, but piecing together for word creation is the new milestone. Now...like blowing bubble gum, or anything else worth wanting in life, it is just practice, practice, practice.

Mind you, this is a self-motivated practice.
You really can't force a toddler to do something they don't want to do already. Believe me.  I can't even get him to wear a shirt in the morning that he didn't pick out, let alone push early reading, yicks.

Below you will see Zozie's reading of Book2 in Set 1, SAM.
This was the 3rd time he read this particular book within the week.

We are careful to NEVER read these books TO HIM.
What?  So cruel?
Never!  You know we are not like that at the LAB.
This is just so he would not be given the chance to just memorize and repeat.  
Kids have spongy sharp memories and can "appear" to be reading when they have just memorized the script!  Instead, we tell him that we will read any "Storybook" to him but that these are his "Reading Books".
Reading books are ones that HE reads to US so that he too can be a storyteller!  So far, that has worked. Zo is pretty proud when he can tell us a story too.

All Done?
Note that he starts to say "ALL DONE" at the end of the clip.  Dalee is careful to cue him with the phonics of "th" to get him to look at the word itself.  Zozo then proceeds to sound out correctly "The End".

As with all FIRSTS in a toddlers life, this is actually just "The Beginning."
The ride, of course, just got more fun now with BOB in the mix...giggle.
Must say, it is a pretty funny sounding name.  
Like Zozo.

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