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Presentation:  Stapling.

We did the Snipping...but not the stapling.
By his request, we are introducing the stapling skill.
A no brainer set up, just offer a stapler and some paper.
But we kicked it up a notch by combining stapling WITH letter writing and word recognition.

The Goal
Learn hand grip, coordination, and pressure level for stapling
Combine handwriting and word recognition through stapling game

The Set Up
1)  Tray
2)  SMALL Stapler *We opted for a clear one so that Zozie can see the staples inside and refill when empty.
3)  Cut pieces of paper
4)  Write a few cursive letters
5)  Make smaller word pictures to be stapled on to the letter sheets (see below)

The Presentation
1)  Invite child to bring tray to the table
2)  Hold corner of paper with one hand
3)  Grip stapler with other hand, thumb on top, rest of fingers on the bottom
4)  Hold over the corner and apply down pressure until stapler clicks (important that it's a small stapler so they can do the ONE hand hold)
5)  Have child do a series of staples till he is comfortable with the one hand hold and push.
6)  Add a second piece of paper ontop, secure with thumb over the layered paper.
7)  Same one hand stapling action, repeat.
8)  Variation:  If not comfortable with the ONE hand grip, try showing the Double hand grip - Have one hand over another on top of the stapler.  With a swift push down, staple papers with hands cupped.
We included paper with cursive letters and cut up small pictures that start with each letter.  "T" had small papers with words like "Table," "Train," "Tent", "Turtle," "Tail"....
Child can color the small pictures, as well as practice writing the cursive letters they see.  Zozie liked to repeat what he just stapled phonetically...

One hand grip.

Double Hand Grip
A straightforward exercise... challenging, but rewarding.
Almost as easy as the easy button @ Staples, but with alittle more UMFFF on the push down.
See the phonic game below!

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