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Presentation:  Threading.
Got a bag of pasta, some string, and nothing to do?
"Mama, I wanna make a ne-ka-lass."
With our noodles?
Heck, why not.

This turned out to be another fantastic threading exercise.
I quickly brought out some leftover red yarn to tie the food jewelry together and Zozie got to work.

The Goal
Hand eye coordination and pincher skill

The Set Up
1)  Tray
2)  Bag of hollow pasta (Penne or Rigatoni)
3)  Cut yarn
4)  Small bowl

The Presentation
1)  Invite the child to bring the tray to the table
2)  Tie a small knot on one end of the yard
3)  Pick up one piece of pasta with thumb and index finger
4)  Hold up the cut yarn with the other hand
5)  Slowly thread the yarn into the pasta "bead"
6)  Repeat and continue
7)  Can make necklaces, bracelets, or crowns

Boy, I look great.
This exercise tied us over for my entire dinner prep time, a welcomed surprise for an otherwise regular evening.  At only $2 for the bag of pasta, this was a cheap and easy tool that can be rinse and cooked to be eaten at a later meal no less!  Enjoy!

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