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Spring Scroll.

Spring is Here!
At the close of the holiday season, we are moving into the start of Chinese New Year...
One of the ways to welcome in spring is to write Chinese Spring Scrolls.
These are usually done on red banner type paper with black or gold brushwork.  A large variety of "well wishes & blessings" for the new year are commonly seen on these scrolls, which are then hung on doors and walls to share these blessings with all.

This morning, Zozie wanted to try his first Chinese Spring Scroll.  We opted for a washable black marker instead of the usual brush and ink.  Hey, black is black.  One of the most basic one is of the character "SPRING" or "春".  I wrote a sample for him to observe and copy onto his own red paper.

By displaying the banner "upside down", or "dao" (到), it is visually & phonetically the Chinese word for "Here" or "Arrived"...so thus, "Spring is Here" or "Spring has Arrived".  So you may frequently see these character being hung inverted for this double meaning.

Zo tried another variation of " ".
And of course, any mention of the Chinese New Year makes Zozie draw Chinese Lions.  The obsession is deep, it doesn't take much for him to draw Lions and Dragons these days!
What's after Christmas, mama?
Zozo kept asking what month are what things happening once the new year comes.  So we decided to write out a pictoral monthly LIST, breaking down what is to be expected in the next couple of months in the new year.  You can see his own Chinese number writing down the right side of the pictures on the chalkboard.

Jan:  Chinese New Year (Dragon Face)
Feb:  Zozie's 4th Birthday
Mar:  Moon is full
Apr:  Beanie's 0th Birthday

And with that, he was satisfied.
See Zozie scroll away in the clip below, followed by his all Chinese New Year Chant to offer blessings to all in the second clip!  Then, his blue lion drawing in action...
Our Home Chinese New Year Celebration has begun.

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