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Classic POOH!

Looking for that perfect FIRST CINEMA EXPERIENCE?
All the Disney or Non-Disney stuff is, believe it or not, way too much for a 3 year old.  Or atleast, OUR 3 year old.  We have our 2 min rule:  If munchkin bursts out crying within 2 minutes of any movie, it's too much.

Just when we were giving up until his 6th birthday, Pooh comes to town.
Today, we took Zozie to his first "in theatre" movie, opening day. 
His eyes grew as we entered the dark theatre.  The seats are familiar to him as we've been to many life performances.  But when the screen turned on...WHOA.  He just stared.  His head kept snapping back to the projection box and the constant flicker...then back to the screen.
"It's a BIG movie, mama."
I kept watching him, watching the movie.
My own first was Snow White at the local YMCA in Taipei, sitting on the gym bleachers for the screening at age 4.  I remember being much more frightened than Zozie looks...burying my face into my dad's side.
That warty witch...now that's a scary one.

Soft, gentle, classic Pooh.
Eeyore lost his tail, BIG drama.
Barely 54mins with extended SLOW MOVING credits to pull it into the "Feature Film" category, there's even a surprise treat if you can sit through the end. *Wink*
And at dinner time that night...
"I have a tumbully in my tummy rumbully, mama."
"You mean a Rumbly in your Tumbly?"
"Yeah!  Like Winnie bear!"

Later on, after being tired from doing a chore..."Oh bother." 


  1. We plan to bring Katelyn. Which theater did you bring Enzo?

  2. The one in Emeryville by the food court, but there are several you can search for showtimes @ www.rottentomatoes.com