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Spring Cleaning.

Presentation:  Vacuuming

Technically, we didn't show him too much.
Just vacuumed 2 other spaces before handing him the machine.
We did demonstrate the hand grip, slow and exaggerated.
Right hand on the handle, left hand palm up to support the hose.
Right foot on the large button to start and stop.
Showed one foot stepping forward with each "push" so he doesn't trip over.

Then, just told him to run over the dirt specs.

Our semi-annual "Spring Cleaning":  Major cleaning, dusting, wiping, of all classroom items/space.
This was in January, he was almost 3 then in the clip.

We just did this again yesterday for the July one.
Love that "Crunchy" sound when you run over major good stuff with the vacuum, eh?

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