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Beam me up!

We are getting our science groove on.
Our SF Exploritorium pass ends this month so we are packing in our homeschool science!  This place always challenges us to see the "Scale" of ourselves, body & soul, relative to the universe around us.
Our first visit was around a year ago and this museum continues to amaze us.  Looking at our old post photos, Zozie was tiny.  A year later, standing in the same steam vortex, his universe continues to expand, along with ours, on our life journey together.
Self Reflection.

Sometimes, life seems too small for you.

 Othertimes, life "should be" just right, but it's not.

Most times, it's just plain SILLY.

So who am I?

Just a tiny drop in the big splash pond?

So do we renew again?
Sure, why not.
We are no where near figuring this stuff out.

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  1. We want to join you next time! Never been there.