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It's time for the FAIR!!!  
We got our annual flag-on-a-stick and wore our Red, White, and Blues.
It was a BEAUTIFUL Monday morning and we rode our bikes to our local city park for the celebration.  Circus Imagination was in town again, one of the highlights from last year.  This is a unique kids circus since the kids are actually the acts so no two shows are alike.  This "No TV - Yes Backyard" motto of CI is very Berkeley indeed...  Zozie was interested last year, but now at 3, is completely entranced.  He smiled his biggest smile to be picked as a wild animal in the show, but oh well, better luck next time.

After the circus, we watched a magic show performed by the "Magical Nathaniel", a local student who won first place at his HS talent contest a few years back.  Zozie was silent, and staring.  This was serious stuff.  Especially his rope tricks.  It was great to see locals get the chance to participate in these community events, and Z went home with a new passion for *MAGIC*.

A couple of mild carni-rides, an ice slushy, 2 plates of Organic Thai food (again, we are in Berkeley)...it was time for a nap break, then back on our bikes TO THE BERKELEY MARINA!  It felt so refreshing to whiz by the long lines of cars to get into the festivities.  The dragon boats & kettle corn were big hits and so was the "Bike Valet".  Yup.  Park your bike for you, for FREE.  Gosh I love hippies.  
The Best part of the 4th?  The Fireworks - @ 7pm sharp.  In our pajamas, the 3 of us on the couch,YouTube clip of Stadium of Fire at BYU.

Call us OLD, call us BABIES, but those were the best seats in the house for the hottest firework display in the country.  Whoohooo...David Archuleta!!  Z actually asked "why the fireworks is NOT stopping?" and that "maybe I need to pause it".  It was seriously so much action that a toddler couldn't handle it.
Lights out by 9pm.  
Best 4th EVER.

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