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Final Atlantis.

The last mission in NASA's space shuttle program is now complete.
Atlantis rocketed into orbit on July 8th, 2011
It returned today ...

I remember watching the 1986 Challenger launch in my elementary school.  TV's were rolled into our classroom for the special screening.  68 Seconds into the launch, an explosion occurs. GASP.  Confused but knowing something went terribly wrong, our teachers rushed to turn the screen off and quickly wheeled the TV boxes away in hushed tones...That mixture of sheer excitement and utter disbelief can still be tasted as soon as I heard that Atlantis took to the skies a week or so ago.

We took the opportunity to make a "Space Lesson" out of this historic event for Zozie.  The evening began with a special viewing of the final Atlantis launch on You Tube (see below).  We brought out the blow-up space shuttle and the random astronaut figure that previously had no real purpose. 
We then busted out our Planets Table Puzzle that shows earth...
"That's my home, that one.  Errfff." says Zo.

After bathtime, we concluded "Space Day" with a reading of one of his old favorites:

This is the end of an era.  
We are pleased that we could share this historic milestone with Zozie, whether he fully comprehends it or not.
Through tragedies and triumphs, we are now looking to see how our future exploration of the universe around us evolves. 
Welcome home Atlantis, for the last time.

For the launch:

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