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Sunnyside Up?

Presentation:  Egg Cracking

Lately, Zozie and our eggs have been inseparable.
He loves eating them, and most of all, CRACKING them.
He's been our in-resident egg cracker since 27months. 
Now, it's just routine.

When doing breakfast, he'll want to crack one for mom, dad, and Zo. 
Each in a different bowl, and beat it up.
The presentation is rather straight forward.

The Goal:
Learn how to crack an egg

The Set Up:
1)  Eggs
2)  2 Bowls
3)  Paper Towels

The Presentation:
1)  Gently tap an egg at the edge of a bowl
2)  Use second hand to hold the bowl steady
3)  Clearly show both thumbs entering the softened spot
4)  A quick clean pull apart of the shells and turn down to allow the egg to drop
5)  Place the empty shell into the 2nd bowl
6)  Repeat with the next egg
7)  Wipe as you go

Now if he can just make me a Garden Herb Omelette with extra cheese...
Too much to ask?

A little peak at our egg crackin' Zo:

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