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The Earth Goes Around The Sun...

"The Earth goes around the sun,
The Earth goes around the sun,
The Earth goes around the sun, 
and it take one year!"

Ever wonder how you do Birthdays the Montessori way?

The celebration is a quiet one.
15 mins, no cake, no sweets, no presents.
There's something soothing about being so simple.

Zozie slowly traces the sandpaper Number 4 as he preps for his birthday circle at school.  The number is laid on a number rod with 4 sections, red being an odd number, blue being an even number.  Today, Zozie's #4 is on the 4th blue section.

It starts with setting up a "Sun" with monthly calendar tags as rays, January - December.  This reinforces the idea of 12 months adding up to one year, going through 4 distinct seasons indicated by the 4 trees on the birthday mat.

Teacher highlights the various months making up the year.
We were asked to provide 3 photos, one for each year of Zozie's growth at 1 year, 2 year, 3 year.  A candle is lit and places in the center as the actual sun.  A small Earth globe is handed to the child to walk around the sun one time to simulate the passing of one year while the class sings "The Earth goes around the sun..."

At the end of the 4 circle walks around the sun, there is not a photo of him at the current age since he is standing live before the class.  So the class is asked to take 4 "finger photos" of the birthday child!

And with that, the candle is blown out.  The birthday circle comes to a close.

The birthday child starts to hand out a small snack to each of his classmates, and the teacher presents his class gift to everyone.  Often times, it can be a book, a plant, or something of that nature.  We decided to give the class a potted pink orchid to take care of...

This method of celebration really focuses on the child himself, his growth each year, and his relationship to the Earth & sun with the passage of time.  After all, what does a cupcake have to do with a child's birth-day?  Don't get me wrong, we are having cupcakes later at a home party....but that's more for me!  I really do love the shift in focus and the simplicity of the Montessori celebration.  As a bonus, Grandma & Grandpa flew in today just to catch Zozie's special birthday circle, a sweet addition to the day.

Zozie's Earth has started to take it's next circle around the sun.  
My birthday wish?  
Hoping this circle would somehow be just alittle slower than the first 4 loops.

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  1. What a fantastic birthday Zozie had and what a great post! Thank you for sharing!